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© 2023 by  LDOUGLAS PHOTOGRAPHY. Created by LaMont Douglas.

LaMont Douglas is a Professional  photographer and photo artist. His experience spans over a period of 12 years. Originally a native of Harrisburg, PA, presently he resides in Atlanta, GA where he has made this his home for approximately 20 years.

His interest to become a photographer sparked early. As a youth, he and his siblings would frequent their grandparent's home. Each visit, to him, was like going to a museum or an art gallery of sorts; antiques, heirlooms, collectibles and above all an abundance of pictures. He'd spend endless hours, thumbing through countless portraits of family photos collected and arranged in albums by his grandmother. These books contained vast array of images. Many were of people of whom he never met. Some were still living while others had passed on. Nonetheless, each image gave him a sense of connection with them, a kind of adventure to different places, places he could only imagine to visit one day and relive time well beyond his years. As time moved forward he was further inspired by a family friend who was a successful photographer. This is when he caught the photo bug. Seeing the actual mechanics of this craft being displayed ignited in him a desire and determination to one day pick up the camera for himself. It was through the lens he saw the magic of how one could travel the world, how moments could become eternal and beauty could be preserved. In this way he decided to share his vision as an observer of life, destined to make it into a career.


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